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Product Development Services, Enabled By Design, Data, And CX. We take an iterative, agile approach to building and deploying scalable & robust digital products.
Our product development services enable you to perform an in-depth requirement assessment to derive and define the complexity of the product and present the assessment scope regarding the product’s architecture, usability, database utilization, cloud readiness, and more!

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Supports Product Led Growth

ePLEX-Custom Product Development

Custom Product Development
Different business, different needs. Our product development process factors in the need for customization of each product development journey. We leverage our 25+ years of legacy alongside pre-built boilerplates to accelerate software product development. Our custom digital products are built to last.

Application Re-Engineering
Our development services focus on re-engineering workflows, integrating third-party applications, and adding advanced features and functionalities to legacy apps. The result? Application tuning and enhancement, data modeling, data warehousing, and strengthened application support for your business.

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Platform Engineering
Our experience in building path-breaking and scalable platforms enable organizations to discover new revenue streams, delight customers and harness the platform economy. Leveraging the latest advances in tools & technologies we develop platforms that can handle high-volume transactions and complex deployments, ensuring reduced time-to-market.

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Legacy Modernization
Make legacy applications agile and efficient in the cloud era with dedicated support for data migration, re-platforming, and microservices. Our product development services will also help to sunset your legacy systems the right way by stripping out obsolete operating costs, reducing resource optimization, and exploring new initiatives in the cloud for alternate revenue streams.

Quality Assurance
Ensure that every software or application meets standardized quality specifications and industry best practices. With end-to-end quality assurance and testing support, we help you identify opportunities to gain more predictability, improve the overall performance of your products, and achieve better ROIs by reducing the cost of testing.

Product Sustenance
Extend the lives of your products and improve profitability, retain existing customers, and keep the product experience intact. We help you maintain SLAs and customer loyalty all the way to transitioning onto the next generation.

Product Development Process

ePLEX-Evolutionary design1_1Our product development services come standard with evolutionary designs. We forge new-gen architectures that are driven by user interactions, cloud-native microservices, and self-healing capabilities for radical performance, faster evolution, and seamless integrations.

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ePLEX always have one eye on the bigger picture, anticipating technology shifts, and paving the way for your product ideas and business goals to stay ahead of the transformative curve and deliver significant competitive advantage.

ePLEX-DevOps culture1_1ePLEX employ only the best engineering practices with a mindset of ‘everything as code’ to accelerate product innovation and deployments at breakneck speeds.

ePLEX-Lean product philosophyWith a metrics-driven development philosophy, our team prioritizes value-based and iterative features and incorporates customer feedback early in the dev cycle to build the most successful products.

ePLEX-Test-driven developmentePLEX experts convert every requirement to test cases and stack them against each other to pinpoint the best course of software development.

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