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Data Science

Data Science Services To Help You Unlock The True Potential Of Data. Extract insights from data and implement knowledge-based decisions to drive your business towards data-driven goals.

Our data services: expert data scientists, machine learning & data science technologies

Data Science Consultation
Our pragmatic, scalable, and cost-effective data science consultation services empower businesses to leverage big data into actionable insights. Our data science team, consisting of experienced data scientists, provides comprehensive services starting from assessments and capacity planning to strategize, as well as define data storage methods and integrate data processes.


Data Munging/Data Wrangling
Our data science services include superior Data Munging and Data Wrangling solutions to help you clean, pre-process, and transform data efficiently. Having the ability to handle complex data quickly and with accuracy helps you make improved and data-driven decisions.

ePLEX-Angular App Development

Predictive Analytics
The ePLEX Data Science and Analysis team has consistently delivered novel, cutting-edge Predictive Analytics Solutions to assist clients in diverse sectors to make apt predictions using new-age tools and methodologies. Our expertise spans content analysis, machine learning, data mining, predictive modeling, data optimization, etc.

Time Series Forecasting
 Whether it’s the stock closing prices, weekly inventories, yearly sales, or other critical business data, our expert Time Series Forecasting services implement machine learning and other latest technologies to help you find patterns, clean your data, and keep your business better prepared for the future.

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Operational Analytics
 ePLEX has extensive capabilities in Enterprise Operational Analytics and uses advanced data mining and data aggregation tools to help you derive more transparent info to support your business planning. Our efficiencies in Operational Analytics allow you to convert insights into actions automatically and offer guidance for performing faster, more targeted analysis.

Business Intelligence
Proactive implementation of data visualization and automation are integral tools and technologies used to enhance your business intelligence process. We are known for offering businesses actionable insights through data processing and analysis, benchmarking, enterprise reporting, performance management tools, etc.

Data science services - expert data scientists, analytics capabilities, machine learning models, business processes management

Clarity of objectives
Whether the goal is problem-solving, making predictions, or customer intelligence for launching new products, our data scientists first understand your data science objectives to provide the best tools and data science services in the right direction.

Strategy and blueprinting
Our approach involves creating architecture and solutions that are flexible, scalable, can handle vast volumes of data, and provide low latency, thus ensuring that our clients have the best-in-class business solutions.

Data principles
Data principles establish a clear standard that enables businesses to facilitate decisions based on their short-term and long-term objectives. ePLEX works within the framework of these principles and equips clients with this knowledge.

Leadership, teamwork, and direction
Data-related initiatives benefit from sound leadership and clear direction. ePLEX team leaders work in close coordination with the client’s internal teams in the direction of common objectives. Focused interactions allow for straightforward data solutions using a modern and inclusive approach.

Well-defined roles, policies, and procedures
Our skilled data science teams work alongside clearly defined, independent, yet interlinked environments to successfully implement sound data management strategies establishing appropriate policies and procedures for storing, managing, and validating data until it can be archived or deleted.

As a data science company, ePLEX provides its clients with a diverse range of data-related solutions unique to their industry. We use comprehensive research and analysis to find the right technology solutions to optimize your business, from building algorithms to integration management, data processing, AI/machine learning, and data analysis for small and large enterprises.

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