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Create Enterprise AI Products & Features with Leading-Edge Artificial Intelligence Services And Solutions. Our AI Services augment human intelligence with artificial intelligence to maximize value, streamline business output and create newer revenue channels.

Transformative next-gen AI services and AI solutions

AI Consultation
Our Artificial Intelligence Consulting services comprise an AI infrastructure plan and roadmap to help deploy futuristic algorithms. ePLEX’s AI services solidify the core fundamentals of your AI strategy by leveraging natural language processing, machine learning, and data science to help scale AI for your enterprise. With an AI-centric data center innovation lab, you are primed to create a lasting framework to leverage every possible AI opportunity.


AI Data Management
Our AI services and solutions focus on data governance, locality, durability, scalability, and integration. ePLEX data scientists help you achieve intelligent data management through an artificial intelligence-powered data lake, warehouse, and comprehensive end-to-end natural language processing solution. Our AI data management services maximize the accuracy and performance of database queries, data processing, and data analytics.

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AI Development and Integration
Work with our deep learning AI development services experts to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and AI capabilities to unearth brand-new avenues of discovery & analysis, proofs-of-concept, performance engineering, application enhancement, computer vision, cloud computing, predictive analytics, and more. Reap the benefits of our custom AI services with personalized AI development, cross-platform integration, natural language processing, and machine learning ML workflow optimization.

AI for Risk and Compliance
Adopt AI-powered compliance strategies to avoid regulatory penalties, safeguard business data, and protect your business reputation. ePLEX enables you to implement enterprise-wide risk management processes with the right technology stack and frameworks that let you manage your business application to stay on top of even nuanced regulatory changes.

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AI for BPA and Redesign
Our AI development services help you with Business Process Assessment (BPA) and Business Process Redesign tools to unearth hidden operational inefficiencies, challenges, and business process improvements. Our business intelligence (BI) experts enable you to take a data-driven approach to business processes while focusing on relevant KPIs such as time quality, customer satisfaction, value, project scope, and schedule goals.

AI Feature Engineering
Leverage our development services to unleash the power of data with AI-powered feature engineering where ePLEX’s experts identify and extract relevant features from various data types such as text, images, audio, videos, and time series for machine learning models. We help you select, manipulate, and transform raw data into features to be utilized in supervised learning.

Statistical Analysis
To find the most essential factors, identify outliers, and establish trends we leverage AI to perform multivariate analysis and dimensionality reduction along with hypothesis testing. Banking on clever algorithms, powerful computing resources, and years of experience, our experts help you take your business to the next level with AI-powered statistical analysis.

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Machine Learning Pipeline
Machine Learning services from ePLEX automate processes to scale AI solutions that codify and automate workflows to take care of every critical step in the machine learning process, such as data pre-processing, extraction, model training, tuning, and deployment. Our machine learning (ML) experts amalgamate every ML best practice to create a broad range of services and solutions that can be executed at scale.

Our software development team engineers AI solutions using Machine Learning tools that generate tangible business outcomes from your Machine Learning models with the help of repeatable and efficient workflows. Our machine-learning services ensure optimal model version control, infrastructure management, and best-in-class model training while taking care of security and governance at every step.

Artificial Intelligence services powered by human intelligence

Ceaseless innovation
We drive digital innovation with AI solutions at the center of every implementation strategy to the point that it reflects in the organizational culture, breaking down silos and creating a collaborative environment that is conducive to creativity and cross-functional teamwork.

Digital transformation
We don’t just help you with your AI transformation journey, but we also ensure that AI is at the forefront of your digital transformation strategy. This involves implementing industry-leading solutions and workflows that are customer-centric and data-driven.

Design thinking
We believe in the power of design thinking and use it to fuel our AI-powered solutions. By looking at solutions from the user’s perspective, our AI developers observe existing infrastructures, constantly question the status quo, and iteratively experiment with new technologies to bag the best possible ROI.

Digital responsibility
All ePLEX experts are trained and sensitized to take digital responsibility for the ethical use of data and Artificial Intelligence while maintaining the highest customer privacy and data security standards.

Global delivery model
Equipped with a global delivery model, we can serve clients in various time zones and geographical regions. Our teams of AI experts are available around the clock to pave the way for flexible engagement models.

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